TOP 6 Hair Myths That Men Think Is Real

Today I’d like to go over six stupid hair myths that you still believe.



Stupid hair myth number one is that dandruff, the little flakes in your hair, is caused from a dry scalp. You think “Oh, it’s just my scalp is dry and when it gets dry, it gets flaky.” I am so sorry to be the presenter of bad news but if you have flakes in your hair on your scalp, no matter how big or small – it is dandruff, not dry scalp. The only way to treat the issue is to use a dandruff shampoo.

How Often Wash the Hair

Wash the Hair

Stupid hair myth number two that you still believe is that you need to wash your hair with shampoo every day for to be cleaned. Overshampooing will strip all the natural oils that your hair produces and prevent it from looking shiny. It will be drier and not as healthy. Enhance lusciousness by skipping a day, possibly two, in between shampooing. Those doesn’t mean don’t shower stinky, this just only means wet your head, don’t necessarily wash it. One thing that you have to ensure that you’re doing is using a hair product that is water soluble. If you’re using something that has a lot of greases in it, your hair is going to be a hot mess. And the only way you can get the hair product out is by shampooing. Water soluble means that it will just rinse out with water.



Stupid hair myth number three is that you will have the quantity of hair as the father of your mom. And if he is bald then you will also be bald. And so, hair loss does have a genetic factor to it but not just for moms, from pops too. Some of the other genetic factors that play a part in the hair loss are things like testosterone levels and your body’s production of DHT. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, and this is the most spread reason of baldness. Gentlemen, if you are losing hair, then I would recommend you to go to trichologist and see what treatments are available.

Hair Loss Treatments

Finasteride and Minoxidil

How could you know that all products for hair loss are a scam, which is myth number four – thinking that all remedies that stop hair baldness are BS. Some treatments are BS, but some are real. Finasteride and Minoxidil are two examples of ones that work. With the operative word being treatment, they’re not cures. If you start using them, and they start working, you got to keep using them to keep working.

Gray Hair


Stupid hair myth number five – pulling a gray hair will make three grow back. In our hair follicle, there are cells called melanocytes. But the fact is these are responsible for getting our hair pigment. When melanocytes discontinue making pigment; your hair turns gray. Plucking a gray hair does not, however, affect the melanocytes in the near follicles. But interesting side notes: if you are smoking, you have more chances to have gray hair prematurely and suffer from baldness. Which is another great reason to quit other than that whole lung cancer thing.

Hair Products Cause Hair Loss


And last and most often received myth that people think is real is that hair product is causing them to go bald or lose their hair. This is unequivocal without a shadow of a doubt false. When you’re applying a hair product, you are a lot of times going to have hairs on your hand. On average, we lose a hundred hairs a day. You’re going to lose a hundred hairs a day; this doesn’t mean that you’re balding and the hair product you’re using is not to say that your hair is falling out any faster. That being said, all hair products was not created equal. If you’re using a crappy product with high alcohol content, chances are your hair is going to become drier, more damaged, more brittle. It doesn’t mean you’re going to go bald; you’re just going to have crappy hair. Guys, if you’re looking for a great hair product, you should use products that have all sorts of unique botanicals and hair-healthy nutrients to make sure that your locks are as fabulous as possible.

Breast Lifting Surgery Facts

Breast lifting or breast reduction surgery is an operation that is often used by itself or in conjunction with breast implants.

There are several options for lifting a breast. One option which is called the minimal scar lift (Donut lift) or mastopexy. It is a situation where an incision is made around the areola and second concentric circles made outside at this. The skin between those areas is removed and tightened in a purse strings fashion. What this does is it lifts the nipple and tightens the skin of the breast. This is a very useful operation for patients whose nipple is still at the level of their fold or slightly above. It is useful for situations when the nipple needs to move up a centimeter and a half to two centimeters or close to an inch edge.

The next option for lifting is what’s called a Lollipop lift. In this situation, the incision is made around the areola and straight down to the fall of the breast. This is a slightly greater lift and allows the nipple to move up approximately two to three centimeters.

The next type of lift and this is considered as the major lift is the Wise pattern lift or the Anchor lift. In this situation, the incision goes around the areola or towards the bottom central part of the breast and along the base of the breast, or along the fold of the breast. This allows a nipple to move up as far as it needs to go and also allows a surge in the most freedom in reshaping the breast to give the desired look that’s necessary. This can be done in conjunction with an implant to improve the shape and the size of the breast.

In situations where the minimal scar lift is used, the implant is used to gain fullness, to gain more cleavage. In the other situations, the implant can be used to completely transform the breast.

I find that a lot of women who have had significant drooping ptosis where there’d be through weight loss, through childbirth, or simply being born in such a state with large breasts, that a lift simply reduces their breast too much. The problem here is that most of the breast tissue ends up being at the lower aspect of the breast and simply tighten the skin won’t do it, because of the way that the breast tissue will simply stretch the skin back up.

To properly do the operation this breast tissue needs to be removed. Once it is removed, women find that the resultant cup size is just too small for their taste. And in this situation breast implant can be used to get the back to the size they want and what’s better, improve the shape of the breast, giving them much more cleavage, much more cleavage definition as well as fullness at the top of the breast.

It is also a very common occurrence for women who have mastopexy breast lift as a result of childbirth to do this at the same time as the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure. This is a very common combination in my practice. And one that I found to be tremendous in getting women back to the bodies they had before childbirth.

Secondary Sexual Dysfunction

Symptoms of sexondary sexual dysfunction are:

  • Fatigue – decreased energy level and interest;
  • Spasticity – affects comfort and positioning can be difficult;
  • Bladder/bowel; incontinence – causes anxiety and discomfort;
  • Cognitive changes;
  • Tremors;
  • Pain/sensory changes.

We know fatigue is a big issue. So fatigue is going to be an implication for sexual dysfunction.

Spasticity. We know that in a specific positions the patient is going to have this extensor fastens and they’re going to lock and those legs are not going to move for a while. So we need to avoid those positions, we need to treat a spasticity before sexual activity.


Bowel and bladder incontinence. We have patients that they can have bladder incontinence or bowel incontinence while they are having sexual intercourse. And that becomes very embarrassing,  very stressful; they don’t want to have sex. so we need to talk about all these things and what we can try to do to make it better.

Medications for secondary sexual dysfunction are:

  • Anticholinergics;
  • Antidepressants (SSRI, TCA);
  • Anti-spasticity (baclofen);
  • Anti-fatigue (amantadine, amphetamines: dose dependent);
  • Pain medications.
  • Penis pump

Patients that have problems with the bladder are probably gonna be on anticholinergics. And this is going to cause a lot of vaginal dryness. So these patients are going to need a lot of lubrication.

ssriAlso, antidepressants, SSRI’s (Paxil, Lexil, Lexa Pro); these are going to affect every type of sexual dysfunction. So there is a very nice study in which it shows that if you give Wellbutrin, and this I think is the drug that we use the most in our clinic, Wellbutrin 150 milligrams daily can counteract the effect of SSRI’s in sexual functioning. Most of my patients are going to be in a combination of Wellbutrin and a SSRI.

Tricyclic antidepressants like Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline, those are not used a lot for depression but they are used for pain, and they can also affect sexual functioning. Baclofen is also a medication used for spasticity that can cause erectile dysfunction. So some of the patients that have this problem I recommend to switch them to tizanidine for example or any other anti-spasticity medication.


Then the anti-fatigue medications, amantadine is not used a lot, but those patients that use it can have any type of sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction, decreased libido.

Also amphetamines and this is dose-dependent, usually at a high dose patients can have problems with sexual functioning. But at a low intermediate dose, it will be actually beneficial.

Penis pumping also helps to improve male libido. You just need to spend around 15 minutes every day for the period of 6 months to make your erections harder and enlarge your penis by 1-3 inches. Which penis pump to choose? Find out here

Total 2015 Review of Female Enhancement Creams


It seems like an ordinary thing for a woman to always strive to look as best as they can. They like to wear makeup to make their face prettier. They use creams to get rid some of the fat in their body. And they also wear creams to enhance a particular part of their body. If you want to have a better boobs and butts, you should wear one of those enhancement creams. If you are confused about how to do such thing, we have the answer for you. Here are the top three enhancement creams that we already have reviewed for you.

Zestra Sex Enhancer


Zestra received so many positive comments from its users. Despite so, it is rather costly as you can buy it for seventeen dollars per nine use. Inside the cream, you will find ingredients such as borage seed oil, vitamin c, and also evening primrose oil among others. These ingredients are known to have the high effects for female sexuality. According to, this product is worth to try as it gives a total sexual enhancement in women of many ages. It will boost arousal and orgasm in women and has been proved to work on many occasions.

Reach your Climax with Climatique


Another excellent review has been given to this female enhancement cream called the Climatique. Within the formula, you will find ingredients such as Niacin and menthol which gives such a topical pleasure to women. It also contains L-Arginine, which is known to boost libido in both male and female. If you want to buy it, you can purchase it for just around twenty dollars for twenty use. Therefore, it is cheaper than the previous product being reviewed. Despite so, most reviewers worry about how the niacin might give too much pleasure.

Try Vigel for your V


Finally, our final product is worth to try, and it is called the Vigel. This one is rather cheap compares to other two. The overall price is just twenty dollars for thirty uses which are rather inexpensive. The main ingredients that are encountered in the product are L-Arginine. It means that the cream is focused on increasing libido or sex drive in women. If you are interested, you can definitely try this product out. Despite so, there are some bad reviews regarding the instruction which is not that clear. People are confused whether it is congested or rubbed on your skin.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments Reviews

Premature Ejaculation Treatments Reviews


It is time to learn about premature ejaculation treatments reviews. When you want to solve this problem, there is the specific treatment that you have to do. When you apply the best method of treatment, you will realize that there are good effects that you can obtain later on. Premature ejaculation can happen to all people, especially man. It means that you are so fast in the climax when you make love with your mate. When you are too quick in having a climax, there is a possibility that your partner still not satisfy with you. Due to that reason, you should to make sure that you do something about it. Feel free to apply the best method of treatment for premature ejaculation that you can do from now on.

Herbal Pills Treatment


Many men like to use premature ejaculation treatment like Delay pills, since it is available with good effects in it. As you can see that it is available with 100% herbal ingredient so that you will be able to consume it, anytime you want. It is safe to consume herbal pills due to best ingredient and nutrition available in it. Make sure not to choose the one that has chemical substance in it. If you do so, it will make your body get sick easily. You will not be able to do your activity with the best performance later on. It is a good idea for you to consume herbal pills that have a good appearance in it. You can buy delay formula officially and get a money back guarantee.

Physical Exercise Treatment

You can do physical exercise treatment in order to make your body far from premature ejaculation. It can also solve this problem too. Some men feel that they are fast when climaxed. It is not a right thing for you. Thus, you have to make sure that you do physical exercise so that you can get the solution that you need faster. You need to know what types of physical exercise treatments that you can do. If you do the best option of treatment, you will realize how it can provide you with the things that you need.

Surgery Treatment

It can be said that surgery is the extreme method to solve premature ejaculation problem. This is a final treatment that you must consider is several options above are not making sense. It means that you have to do surgery as last part, not in the start part. As you can see that surgery can give you several side impacts, you have to think twice if you want to do it.

How Natural Penis Enlargement Works?

Indeed, there are several types of penis enlargement product that you can choose. For example Natural Gain Plus penis enlargement pill or penis enlargement cream. It works depend on how you use it. Here, you can find information about how penis enhancement naturally works.

Penis enlargement pills

measuring tape with tablets

It works well immediately after you use it. Therefore, you have to make sure that you take only one pill a day. As long as you use this product well, you will realize how you can get the best benefits like: bigger penis, harder and wider erections, powerful orgasm, delayed ejaculation time, improved libido.

Indeed, penis enlargement pill can provide you with satisfaction that you need in bed. It can make the size of your penis becomes significant in an instant. It is the best thing for you to choose this best option of product from now on. Make sure you consume the safe one. You have to ask the doctor about how much dosage of this pill that you must consume. As long as you follow the recommendations, there is nothing that you need to worry anymore.

Penis enlargement cream


This is another option for a product that you have to consume. If you feel that you want to make the best choice for the cream, here is the best one that you must choose. It works quickly after you apply the cream to your penis. In the end, you will be able to get the best benefits in as little as one month. You can also choose this product if you do not like to take pills on a daily basis. If you choose the cream like Maxoderm, there is a possibility that you can feel as if safer upon using it. You should do best with it. The cream is the solution for those men, who wants to see significant and fast results right before sex.

In conclusion, here us the list of penis enlargement  you can compare easily. You can view the success rate of every cream or pill and also read customer reviews. As long as you use the cream before sexual intercourse, there is nothing that you need to worry anymore. You can feel the best option for a product that can make you fall in love with it. Natural Penis enlargement is the solution for men who have a small size of the penis. This is a great alternative to penis surgery. Natural ingredients inside the formula guarantee fast absorption and bigger erections on demand.