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Breast Lifting Surgery Facts

Breast lifting or breast reduction surgery is an operation that is often used by itself or in conjunction with breast implants.

There are several options for lifting a breast. One option which is called the minimal scar lift (Donut lift) or mastopexy. It is a situation where an incision is made around the areola and second concentric circles made outside at this. The skin between those areas is removed and tightened in a purse strings fashion. What this does is it lifts the nipple and tightens the skin of the breast. This is a very useful operation for patients whose nipple is still at the level of their fold or slightly above. It is useful for situations when the nipple needs to move up a centimeter and a half to two centimeters or close to an inch edge.

The next option for lifting is what’s called a Lollipop lift. In this situation, the incision is made around the areola and straight down to the fall of the breast. This is a slightly greater lift and allows the nipple to move up approximately two to three centimeters.

The next type of lift and this is considered as the major lift is the Wise pattern lift or the Anchor lift. In this situation, the incision goes around the areola or towards the bottom central part of the breast and along the base of the breast, or along the fold of the breast. This allows a nipple to move up as far as it needs to go and also allows a surge in the most freedom in reshaping the breast to give the desired look that’s necessary. This can be done in conjunction with an implant to improve the shape and the size of the breast.

In situations where the minimal scar lift is used, the implant is used to gain fullness, to gain more cleavage. In the other situations, the implant can be used to completely transform the breast.

I find that a lot of women who have had significant drooping ptosis where there’d be through weight loss, through childbirth, or simply being born in such a state with large breasts, that a lift simply reduces their breast too much. The problem here is that most of the breast tissue ends up being at the lower aspect of the breast and simply tighten the skin won’t do it, because of the way that the breast tissue will simply stretch the skin back up.

To properly do the operation this breast tissue needs to be removed. Once it is removed, women find that the resultant cup size is just too small for their taste. And in this situation breast implant can be used to get the back to the size they want and what’s better, improve the shape of the breast, giving them much more cleavage, much more cleavage definition as well as fullness at the top of the breast.

It is also a very common occurrence for women who have mastopexy breast lift as a result of childbirth to do this at the same time as the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure. This is a very common combination in my practice. And one that I found to be tremendous in getting women back to the bodies they had before childbirth.