TOP 6 Hair Myths That Men Think Is Real

Today I’d like to go over six stupid hair myths that you still believe.



Stupid hair myth number one is that dandruff, the little flakes in your hair, is caused from a dry scalp. You think “Oh, it’s just my scalp is dry and when it gets dry, it gets flaky.” I am so sorry to be the presenter of bad news but if you have flakes in your hair on your scalp, no matter how big or small – it is dandruff, not dry scalp. The only way to treat the issue is to use a dandruff shampoo.

How Often Wash the Hair

Wash the Hair

Stupid hair myth number two that you still believe is that you need to wash your hair with shampoo every day for to be cleaned. Overshampooing will strip all the natural oils that your hair produces and prevent it from looking shiny. It will be drier and not as healthy. Enhance lusciousness by skipping a day, possibly two, in between shampooing. Those doesn’t mean don’t shower stinky, this just only means wet your head, don’t necessarily wash it. One thing that you have to ensure that you’re doing is using a hair product that is water soluble. If you’re using something that has a lot of greases in it, your hair is going to be a hot mess. And the only way you can get the hair product out is by shampooing. Water soluble means that it will just rinse out with water.



Stupid hair myth number three is that you will have the quantity of hair as the father of your mom. And if he is bald then you will also be bald. And so, hair loss does have a genetic factor to it but not just for moms, from pops too. Some of the other genetic factors that play a part in the hair loss are things like testosterone levels and your body’s production of DHT. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, and this is the most spread reason of baldness. Gentlemen, if you are losing hair, then I would recommend you to go to trichologist and see what treatments are available.

Hair Loss Treatments

Finasteride and Minoxidil

How could you know that all products for hair loss are a scam, which is myth number four – thinking that all remedies that stop hair baldness are BS. Some treatments are BS, but some are real. Finasteride and Minoxidil are two examples of ones that work. With the operative word being treatment, they’re not cures. If you start using them, and they start working, you got to keep using them to keep working.

Gray Hair


Stupid hair myth number five – pulling a gray hair will make three grow back. In our hair follicle, there are cells called melanocytes. But the fact is these are responsible for getting our hair pigment. When melanocytes discontinue making pigment; your hair turns gray. Plucking a gray hair does not, however, affect the melanocytes in the near follicles. But interesting side notes: if you are smoking, you have more chances to have gray hair prematurely and suffer from baldness. Which is another great reason to quit other than that whole lung cancer thing.

Hair Products Cause Hair Loss


And last and most often received myth that people think is real is that hair product is causing them to go bald or lose their hair. This is unequivocal without a shadow of a doubt false. When you’re applying a hair product, you are a lot of times going to have hairs on your hand. On average, we lose a hundred hairs a day. You’re going to lose a hundred hairs a day; this doesn’t mean that you’re balding and the hair product you’re using is not to say that your hair is falling out any faster. That being said, all hair products was not created equal. If you’re using a crappy product with high alcohol content, chances are your hair is going to become drier, more damaged, more brittle. It doesn’t mean you’re going to go bald; you’re just going to have crappy hair. Guys, if you’re looking for a great hair product, you should use products that have all sorts of unique botanicals and hair-healthy nutrients to make sure that your locks are as fabulous as possible.